About Us

Jodie, the Founder of Oh Lightning in her home studio, surrounded by pencil drawings and fairylights

Oh Lightning is an illustrative business that focuses on producing thoughtful, feel-good pieces for you and your loved ones, founded by me, Jodie Lightning.

Inspired by little moments and big feelings, the brand brand back in 2020 as an instagram page as a space to share my art and explore my creativity. I always liked the idea of having a shop and selling my work, but it felt like a very distant dream. Nothing ever felt ready or worthy of being sold, until lockdown came in 2020. I was off work and my masters degree had slowed down, so I had time to experiment and play with my style.

Over the last 4 years, my work has grown from simple black & white line drawings to pieces full of colour & personality. Growing up I was always referred to as sensitive, which I saw as a weakness in my teen years. But during my 20s, I realised it was one of my best assets.

Oh Lightning is a play on my name, given my work comes from my feelings and experiences, it felt only right for the brand to reflect that. Over the years I’ve had all the misspellings, Lightening, Lighting, Whitening… You name it, I’ve probably had it in some way or form.

I grew in up in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and spent the first 24 years of my life there. I studied art, graphic design & photography at a-level, before moving on to do a Foundation then a Bachelors in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University. After university I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do, so I found an office job and worked for a few years, taking time out in the summer to travel to new places, go to festivals and gigs with my friends. After a few years working this ‘adult job’, something wasn’t quite sitting right with me. I just wanted a bit more from life, so I found a masters degree I liked the sound of, in a city I had heard alright things about and decided, what the hell, I guess I can apply? Before I knew it, I was packing up my life and moving to Newcastle upon Tyne. Absolutely terrified that I had given up my job and was leaving my dog, I was convinced I’d only last 6 months. Well, nearly 5 years later, I’m still here. I graduated in 2021 from Newcastle University with a Masters in Arts, Business & Creativity. I’m two years into running this little biz, I love living near the coast, sea swimming and climbing.

A blonde/silver furred pugshire dog called Bree, wearing a red coat at the beach

I have a little Pugshire (Pug x Yorkshire terrier) called Bree, who lives in Sheffield with my mam, but she visits me from time to time, whenever the family are on holiday. She is chief cuddle giver, loves a belly rub and will be right beside you when you open a packet of crisps.